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I provide an environment which allows people to explore and discover their own creative voice.

Creative Explorations

Creative Explorations is a program that I have developed through my years of experience and education in yoga, expressive arts, spiritual direction, mindfulness and movement and my master’s degree in Art Therapy and counseling. I am an artist, photographer, business woman and I provide an environment which allows people to explore and discover their own creative voice. This program was developed to help other people and to provide insight, inspiration and meaning in their own lives.


Creative Explorations workshops are designed to help people tap into their unlimited creative potential. It allows them to discover new ways of expressing themselves in a fun and nurturing, safe, non-judgmental environment. Through breathing, stretching, yoga, mindfulness and movement, it helps people to learn to calm down and relax their bodies and minds to allow them to begin to hear their own inner voice. From this place of relaxation, people can learn to listen to their intuition, trust themselves and their feelings.


Expressive art is a process through which you people can express their thoughts and emotions that they may not be able to talk about. It allows them to create using their whole selves, body, mind and spirit combined to open the door to freedom of expression.

The expressive arts utilize an unlimited language of color, texture, form and movement. The process is about helping people to quiet down and look within to discover their own voice and expand their awareness about themselves. It’s a process of creating which allows for freedom of expression, self-awareness, self-compassion and opening themselves up to their unlimited potential. At times, people cannot find the right words to identify and label complex feelings but through art they can give those feelings shape and begin to recognize and express them in a healthy way.


An expanded self of self-awareness helps people to find their own answers and to explore creativity as a new tool for problem solving, self-discovery and as a means of accepting themselves and their own individuality. People walk away with a renewed self of calm and a tangible expression of self that they can reflect on, feel proud of and share if they feel they want to.

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